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      PRODUCTS YOU AER HERE:HOME - Waterborne paint for exterior wall         
      Name: Waterborne paint for exterior wall
      Category: Waterborne paint for exterior wall
      product description:     Made of weather resistant, alkali resistance high modified polyacrylate emulsion, modified silicone acrylic emulsion as the main body, with special pigments and additives and refined water latex paint. Excellent performance, and common cement surface and excellent adhesion. After the construction, not falling, for the modern construction industry, indoor and outdoor decoration on new high quality coatings, products are divided into strong exterior wall paint, exterior paint, standard universal paint for exterior wall.

           Product characteristics
           1, the half light, Matt, beautiful balance, washing is not easy to fall off.
           2, water resistance and alkali resistance and excellent.
           3, mildew resistance, weather resistance.
           4, coating after drying surface delicate, has excellent covering power.
           5, with water as thinning agent and solvent, non-toxic and fire risk, reduce the construction risk.

           Range of application
           Office buildings, hotels, public places, hospitals, residential and other shops within the cement, wall protective topcoat.

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