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PRODUCTS YOU AER HERE:HOME - Granite stone         
Name: Composite granite paint
Category: Granite stone
product description:

      Granite, marble, natural stone powder and pure acrylic resin as the main raw materials, refined processing synthesis with a natural granite texture water thick wall coating material.

      Product characteristics
      1 good decorative effect, exterior surface has strong real granite natural texture, thick, tight, rich colors, durable, elegant.
      2 wall and strong adhesion, high mechanical strength, which solves the long wall decoration paint layer water seepage problems, to play a good role in protecting wall.
      3 convenient construction not only can be modulated into all kinds of granite, marble color and texture and composition of many stone do not have elegant style, also can be in arbitrary curve on art.
      4 has good alkali resistance, stain resistance and washing resistance, and weatherability. Practice proves that it can not only withstand Southern hot high temperature weather, at - 20℃cold climate conditions, coating does not occur brittle or cracking, life under normal circumstances can be more than20 years of 15-.

      Range of application
      Hotel, hotel, high-rise buildings, buildings, Continental Rome column, residential villas, facade decoration.

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